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At ROU we offer our students a flexible and student-centred academic structure that is based on the Open Distance Learning mode (ODL) where learning takes place at the student’s own pace. The ODL method of learning allows students to engage in studies while continuing with their professional or personal engagements in a way that compliments academic progress and career and personal development. In the process, our students learn valuable life skills such as time management, independent learning and self-discipline. At ROU we believe that the combination of all these, academics and practical skills, is what makes our students exceptional and special, and standout among the crowd.




                                                                                                                                 We are not for Profit....

We are here to support  working professionals who want to be a powerful force for positive change.

That’s why we make education accessible to adults who live and work in the real world. It’s why we were the first to develop a flexible, one-class-per-month format. It’s why we offer more than 120 graduate and undergraduate degree programs. And it’s why we will continue to innovate and leave a mark on people who will one day leave their mark on the world.

We embrace diversity. Because it brings a new perspective to every industry. Our classes and faculty are made up of an eclectic mix of people who reflect our different communities and have the influence to shape where we’re headed.

We do all this because we care. About our students. Our staff. Our supporters and our community. We are a private, nonprofit institution that does not answer to shareholders. We invest our money back into making improvements so that the people who come here can do the same.


We know our legacy does not end when our students graduate. It begins.

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