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All the distance learning qualifications we offer have the same status as those studied on a university campus so we can make a direct cost comparison - and studying through ROU costs a third of most campus universities.

Students enrolling at a university campus this year expect to pay up to ugsh 4,500,000 for a three-year degree course, without considering hostel fees or the daily transport. In contrast, a full university degree studied over the same timescale through ROU could cost almost half of that amount. Students with ROU could also graduate with no student debt, as they have the ability to work full-time and pay as they study.

So choosing to study a university distance learning qualification with ROU can save you money and progress your career.


If you are an international student, the most efficient way to pay your student fees  is through Western Union Business Solutions' bank-to-bank transfer. This option allows you to securely pay student fees in the currency of your choice.  Furthermore, there is no administrative banking fees.
If your local currency is not on the list of payment options, you must choose another currency for your bank-to-bank transfer.
Please note that the exchange rate quoted is valid for 72 hours from the time indicated on the confirmation you receive after clicking on the Submit button. During this time, the payer must take the confirmation to his local bank, which initiates the transfer of funds through Western Union Business Solutions to the Royal Open University.

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