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    Welcome to the innovative world of Distance Learning where we bring the University to you.  

    This exciting alternative in higher education holds for you the promise of professional and personal growth without any limits or boundaries.   The Royal Open University was originally founded in 2013 as the Open University of Uganda. ROU, the international distance learning centre, which was subsequently incorporated in September 2016 as an independent On-Line and Distance Learning University.   ROU is a private international institution; we are not a Ugandan University (nor are we in any way affiliated with Buganda Kingdom ‘Royal’ institutions of Buganda Royal Business Institute and Muteesa I Royal University). The University is specialised in Distance Learning education (in other words an “open” university).   This has the advantage of freeing us from any unnecessary governmental interference and political restrictions allowing us to maintain our independence and to keep our fees at a reasonable level. The University’s academic staff are highly qualified and experienced. They are accustomed to working with executives, managers and consultants employed in both the private and public sectors.   The programs of ROU are designed for those leading a busy and successful life who want recognition for past achievements and/or require a study program leading to that essential degree Qualification.   Surveys over the years have shown that a degree earned through a non-campus University with a strong reputation such as the Royal Open University, can be just as useful as one from a traditional school. A recent report by the East African University Quality Assurance Fiscal Studies found that, on average, men with first degrees earned around 35% more than male nongraduates with similar backgrounds and levels of ability.    Even if, in most situations a degree has no connection whatsoever with a job that has been applied for, having the credentials that make you a Bachelor, Master or Doctor is what you really need to get that better position and higher salary.   Here is your opportunity to improve your status and your employment prospects. We live in a competitive world. The following pages provide an introduction to the Royal Open University.  

    I hope that you will join us soon.      



    ROU President        

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